Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Have you or someone you know been injured from the negligence or abuse at a nursing home or assisted living facility?  There is an increasing amount of abuse and neglect that occurs in nursing homes.  This may be because many families are trusting nursing homes to take care of their loved ones.  Residents are often vulnerable, confused, and need others to protect them.   In some instances, nursing home employees lack the care and concern that is needed to protect the elderly from accidents.  Often there are just too many residents in a nursing home to receive adequate care to prevent accidents.  Neglect can result in bed sores, falls, malnutrition, assaults from other residents, and wrongful death. 

Attorney Bruce A. Kugler has the necessary experience to help you.  He will participate in negotiations with the responsible party to reach a settlement, and if necessary, will take your case through the whole court process.  With his assistance, you can if necessary, file a claim or law suit against the party responsible for your accident and/or injuries.  However, filing a formal lawsuit may not even be necessary.  Settlements frequently happen before a law suit is even filed. Attorney Bruce A. Kugler will negotiate on your behalf with the goal of obtaining a reasonable settlement in the quickest and easiest way possible. It is important for you to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as you are injured.  The courts have set time limits for filing a lawsuit.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with Attorney Bruce A. Kugler to discuss and evaluate your claim. 

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