Severe & Catastrophic Injuries


Severe and catastrophic injuries can seriously diminish your ability to function and drastically lower your quality of life. Regardless of the amount of medical care you receive, you may be left permanently handicapped with no chance for a typical, full life. These extreme injuries can have you spending thousands of dollars for additional medical care.

Care for these sorts of injuries is exceptionally costly. It is imperative for you to speak with an accomplished lawyer as soon as you are harmed.  The legal system has set a period limit for you to record your claim, and insurance agencies don’t want you to get a lawyer in light of the fact that they know they will need to pay more money if you do.  With that in mind, without a lawyer’s help, you will likely neglect to do the things essential for a reasonable settlement.

With our assistance, you can–if necessary–file a claim against whoever was in charge of the accident or circumstance that injured you.

There is no cost or obligation to meet with Attorney Bruce A. Kugler to discuss and evaluate your claim. 

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